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At Powder Coating West Midlands we offer pre-treatment on all jobs to help achieve the best results for your powder coating application.

When you contact us we will always check the state of your metal to determine if pre-treatment is required. This step is essential in ensuring you get the best possible results when powder coating is applied. Many smaller powder coaters can skip this part, resulting in less than desirable quality. However, at Powder Coating West Midlands we use our expertise and experience to make sure your finish is of the highest standards.

What is Pre-Treament?

Pre-treatment of metal is an important step before applying any colour such as with powder coating. We can offer online and offline pre-treatment dependent on your requirements. The pre-treatment step involves the cleaning and preparation of your metal. This is achieved by using chemicals, degreasing, and other methods. We always check each and every job to determine what kind of pre-treatment is required.

Benefits of Pre-Treatment

Preparation of a surface before starting work is always a good starting point. With our pre-treatment step we will ensure the metal surface is clean and free from any blemishes which would otherwise affect the quality of the finish. The main result is a much more vibrant and vidid powder coating.

How we can help

Our production lines are fully equipped with right tools to ensure pre-treatment happens with ease. We can therefore offer this service to our customers at a very competitive cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our pre-treatment

Pre-treatment of your metal is important and that’s why it is included as part of every powder coating job. We can offer online and offline pre-treatment. When you contact us we will discuss the options with you to ensure you get the right level of service for your needs.

We have all the equipment fitted into our existing production lines meaning pre-treatment will not add a significant amount of time to your job.

Pre-treatment is an integral part of the powder coating process, therefore the cost is included in the overall price. 

Why choose Powder Coating West Midlands

Highly rated service

We're a family run business with over 30 years experience in the industry. Our clients know that we're the experts when it comes to powder coating.

Choice of colours

We have a wide range of RAL and BS colours available for you to pick and choose from. Unlike other powder coaters we can change colours quickly to cater to your needs.

Nationwide service

From our unit in the West Midlands we can take on big or small powder coatings from across the UK. We also offer delivery and collection services upon request.

Quality checking

We do manual checks to ensure the quality of our powder coating meets our high standards. We believe this extra step makes our work stand out from the rest.

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