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If you have metal which needs to be stripped completely free of coatings or contamination then our Chemical Stripping is for you.

Chemical stripping is a highly effective method of completely stripping metal surfaces and objects of any paints or lacquers. At Powder Coating West Midlands we can help restore your metal or prepare it for further treatment.

What is Chemical Stripping?

If you have metal which is covered by paint, lacquer or some other form of coating then you may need this removed. Chemical stripping is one way of removing outer layers from metal very thoroughly. As the name suggests, chemical stripping uses a chemical dip or spray to strip metal.

Benefits of Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping is highly effective and uses chemical processes to interact with outer layers and coatings to remove them. The result is metal that is completely stripped back and free of any coating. It’s suitable for many types of ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces which are common in industrial or commercial applications.

How we can help

If you need your metal stripped quickly and effectively then our chemical stripping is suitable for you. From our unit in the West Midlands we can handle jobs of all sizes and we can also arrange collection or delivery to suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our chemical stripping

In the past many different types of hazardous chemicals were used in the chemical stripping process. However, over the years the technology and expertise has improved so new formulas are far safer. For industrial and commercial uses chemical stripping is safe and effective.

Chemical stripping is very fast and effective and can restore metal back to its original state suitable for powder coating.

The cost for chemical stripping depends on a variety of factors including size and number of metal, what kind of coating it has, and how quickly you need it back. Each order is assessed individually.

Why choose Powder Coating West Midlands

Highly rated service

We're a family run business with over 30 years experience in the industry. Our clients know that we're the experts when it comes to powder coating.

Choice of colours

We have a wide range of RAL and BS colours available for you to pick and choose from. Unlike other powder coaters we can change colours quickly to cater to your needs.

Nationwide service

From our unit in the West Midlands we can take on big or small powder coatings from across the UK. We also offer delivery and collection services upon request.

Quality checking

We do manual checks to ensure the quality of our powder coating meets our high standards. We believe this extra step makes our work stand out from the rest.

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